Onion Photo Update

I Just wanted to post  a little update on our onion progress as they appear to be flourishing. It's still a long road to travel before they will be ready to harvest and enjoy but here's how our little onion sprouts are coming along.       In just 5 days it seems to have… Continue reading Onion Photo Update


Self Sufficient Living – The Dream

"Maybe he’ll make money, but he’ll never be the man you are. Truckling to other people for his living, all his days— He’ll never be able to call his soul his own.”  Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder   Quite some time ago in the history of the human race self-sufficiency was all there would… Continue reading Self Sufficient Living – The Dream


Crafts – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

♻ REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!♻ This should be the mantra in every household that is striving to live a little more sustainably. Becoming more conscious of how I play my part in using the Earth's resources is important to me. I dream of one day being able to lead out and live self sufficiently on a… Continue reading Crafts – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Growing Onions – We Have Shoots!!

  It's been 11 days since we planted our first onion bottom, when we looked this morning our little pot on the windowsill held this small little white nub peeking out at us. It is tiny and only just breaking the surface of the soil but it's exciting. Sometimes things really do just happen over… Continue reading Growing Onions – We Have Shoots!!


Growing Onions – Quick Update

Well, when I took a look in the back garden I really couldn't see a clear place where I could plant our onions. Since we are only residing here temporarily I didn't want to go digging around or disturbing anything that doesn't belong to me. I opted for putting two more onions outside in a… Continue reading Growing Onions – Quick Update


Family Blogging – Little M’s Contribution

As a parent I am conscious about modelling the behaviours and attitudes I wish my children to adopt throughout their lives. One of the areas where this most concerns me is related to screen time, how much and the actual activity it involves. My thoughts on this are quite extensive but this post is for… Continue reading Family Blogging – Little M’s Contribution


Onion Growing – Part 2

*This is M's first photo contribution. He also typed this post himself, enthusiastically with a lot of dictation and guidance.* Yesterday we chopped another onion and saved the root part to plant, this time hopefully in the garden, so that we can compare its growth with our first onion experiment (if they grow at all). I… Continue reading Onion Growing – Part 2


Growing Onions From Kitchen Scraps

Did you know you know that for every onion you use you could grow another?In fact I discovered today, from Mrs Happy Homemakers blog that there a quite a few other vegetables you can re grow from the bits we tend to waste and discard too! Take a look at Mrs Happy Homemakers list here!… Continue reading Growing Onions From Kitchen Scraps


Handmade Prayer Mat – (سجادة الصلاة)

Over the past few months  I have been reading several books, 'Little House in the Big Woods Series, 'Little Women Series' and Walden, to name a few, which all included aspects of making and mending the things you need as opposed to buying or discarding them. It occurred to me whilst reading at just how… Continue reading Handmade Prayer Mat – (سجادة الصلاة)