Take the 30 Day Learning Through Literature Challenge With Your Homeschooler. Learn how you can use the books your family loves to teach subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science, Geography and more.....
Learning Through Literature

30 Day Learning Through Literature Challenge

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Take the 30 Day Learning Through Literature Challenge With Your Homeschooler. Learn how you can use the books your family loves to teach subjects such as Math,  Language Arts, Science, Geography and more.....


Do you read daily with your children?

At the beginning of 2018 we undertook our very first family reading challenge. We set a goal of reading 100 books in just 30 Days. We already read several books together every day; this target wasn’t to difficult for us and even with a big move abroad we still managed to complete it.

I received a few messages from readers who also have young children. They all thought reading challenges were a great idea but felt for them personally, 100 books in 30 days was not achievable.

I asked those same people how often they did read with their children and how many books they got through on average each month. The answers were between 2-60 books a month. A lot of those parents only read to their children at bedtime and a few of those had a one story a night limit!

I was quite shocked. I honestly thought that the majority of parents read daily with their children. Reading is such a huge part of our lives and perhaps my biggest passion. I can’t imagine not having those wonderful moments of sharing, discussion, laughter and learning that comes from family reading.

All Parents Should Read Daily With Their Children.

Through research and experience I know just how valuable reading with young children can be. It helps to build their vocabulary, provides opportunities to  develop strong moral character, make sense of the world around them and stimulates their creative minds.

No matter how old you are, literature and group discussions enable you to explore difficult topics, understand different points of view, learn new things and to try out new activities. People are often inspired to take certain actions in their own lives simply by following and reading about the lives of others in books.

Reading to your child consistently can make a huge contribution to your child’s love of books, reading and learning. Being read to can help a child learn to communicate effectively. Your child may also begin to make the link between written word and expressing ideas to others. They may start to desire to learn to read, write or story tell themselves.

Those ten minutes a day spent reading to your child, could be the one thing that takes your homeschoolers learning to the next level.

How Can You Build That Daily Reading Habit With Your Child?

Shocked at my discoveries, I felt the need to find away to  encourage more parents to read daily with their children.

It was clear that for parents who didn’t yet have that habit established, aiming to read 100 books in 30 days is too overwhelming.

That target was the complete opposite of encouragement!

I wanted to help those of you who find reading difficult and needed a solution that would push parents beyond their comfortable norms but that was also easy to achieve. 

I want you as a parent to witness first hand the contribution family read alouds can make towards your children’s education and development. We also all know that homeschooling parents love a good, hands on educational activity!

So that’s when I came up with the idea of a revised 30 Day Challenge that is achievable for everyone; even the parent that loathes reading to their children!




The Challenge is simple:

ONE Book & ONE Literature Based Activity for 30 Days!

Each day you will read aloud with your child just ONE book! Then follow up this read aloud with ONE activity inspired by what you’ve read together.

The books you choose and the activities you choose will be entirely of your choosing! You can even let your children make the decisions for you!

If you are reading chapter books with your children, then a 10 minute read aloud session counts as one book.

Here is an example of how you can turn books you’ve read, into a learning activity: ‘Day of Learning Inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

 Remember you only have to do one activity each day!

For those of you who really don’t like reading aloud to your children or can’t for whatever reason, you can still take part! Audiobooks are a great alternative to reading aloud yourself. 

You may even want to check out Audible which is an audiobook service run by Amazon. There you will find 1000’s of titles for the most popular books available today and Audible even offers a FREE 30 Day Trial  which is perfect for the sake of our challenge don’t you think!?!



Join The FREE 30 Day Learning Through Literature Challenge

When you sign up to our challenge I will send you:

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  • Activity ideas, suggestions and examples
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  • Insights, into your challenge progress!

You will also receive a simple printable record sheet for you to download which you can submit at the end of the 30 Days in order for your child a certificate:

A certificate of completion!

What are you waiting for!?!?

Help develop your child’s love of books and learning now!

Sign up and join other families on a 30 Day Learning Through Literature Challenge!




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