6 Great Cook Books for Preschool and Beyond

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Get your little one hands on in the kitchen with these 6 great cook books for preschool and beyond!

This month I have been on a huge hunt to find some children’s cook books to purchase and use with A. He simply loves food! I don’t just mean he enjoys eating it but he loves everything about it! I spend a large portion of our days trying to keep the kid out of the fridge!

A loves getting hands on in the kitchen helping to prepare food for himself and for others. In fact a few weeks back at our local animal shelter market he picked out two DVD’s “The Hairy Bikers Kitchen Market” and “Gorden Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”. The later I am not sure is entirely appropriate for a 2 year old but A has sat and watched the Hariy Bikers and it’s probably one of the few things I have ever seen him sit still to watch. Unlike M, he really isn’t a TV kid.

Following my boys interests is super important to me and this enthusiasm for food is something I want to delve into more with A and I know M will love getting involved too! 

The Slight Problem

I am pretty useless and lazy in the kitchen. I really dislike cleaning up the mess it involves and usually the time and effort I put in does not give the results I desire. Sunken cake? Yup! Lacking flavour? Absolutely! Stick it in the oven or out of a jar type meals? That suits me just fine! 

To help get me in that kitchen more often with the kids I am certainly going to need a little bit more inspiration, encouragement and enthusiasm. There is one thing that all ways ticks the boxes for me and that’s books!! 

So since we don’t have a great library here and I am hoping to have a visitor or two in the near future that could bring us a few books over from UK. I took to browsing the web and seeing what childrens cook books I could find! As well asking for recommendations from friends who love to cook with their kids!

Would you believe how many children’s cook books there are out there!?!

It took me a while but I finally put 6 books onto my wish list that I think look fantastic!

6 Great Cook Books for Preschool and Beyond

Kids in The Kitchen Book Cover With picture of boy decorating a pizza. Amazon Affiliate link
A friend of ours uses this book with her daughter and it comes highly recommended!

Kids in The Kitchen by Amanda Grant

This will be a fantastic addition to our virtual world tour!

The World In My Kitchen by Sally Brown and Kate Morris

Children's cook book cover image with muffin on a dotty table cover. Amazon Affiliate link
This book includes step by step picture instructions too which could be helpful for me as well as the kids!

Children’s Cookbook: Delicious Step-by-step Recipes by Kathrine Ibbs

Kids in the Kitchen (Montessori) Book Cover Amazon Affiliate link
There are so many Montessori principles that I love and teaching life skills is a huge part of Montessori so this should be good!

Kids in the itched (Montessori) by Sara E. Cotner

Room on the broom is one of A’s favourite books I know he will love this!

The Room on the Broom Cookbook

I love the fact this includes pictures of other kids cooking too which will be great to inspire M.

Kids Cooking by George Ancona

Do you have any children’s cook books your love?

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