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All About “a” – Letter Of The Week Curriculum

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Letter of The Week Curriculum Free Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards and Matching Game

If you have a little one just starting out with letter learning or now focusing on phonics, follow along with our letter of the week curriculum. We will be sharing all of the resources and activities we use each week.

Over the next few months I am going to be exploring one letter per week with A and M; forming our own Letter of the Week Curriculum. We will work together on letter identification and sounds whilst I will focus with M on phonics and writing too. Although we will be looking at both upper case and lower case letters, my main focus will be on lower case; simply because the majority of the text we read is in that form.

All About “a”

Upper case and Lower Case A Preschool Letter of The Week

So, starting out at the beginning, our first week we covered the letter “a”. The first thing I did with the boys was simply to write out the letter in both uppercase and lower case on one of our white boards. I got them to name it, as I was sure they already knew this one, and then asked them what sound it made. They both responded with the short vowel sound as heard in the words apple and ant! So to help M with his phonics progression, I also gave a few examples of  long “a” sounds.

Short “a” Examples Long “a” Examples
apple acorn
ant ape
bat baby

Lower Case “a” Craft

Next it was time to get arty! I adapted this letter a craft from All About Learning Press to try with the boys. This craft is great and they even supply free printable templates and a video to help you on your way. Unfortunately I didn’t have all of the items they used to hand and I wanted to use up some of the craft materials we already had.

Here’s the one A and I completed together!

Completed Lower Case a Craft Adapted From All About Learning Press.

I’ll definitely be using more of their lower case crafts during our Alphabet studies! 


Treasure hunt any one?

The next thing we did together was to grab one of M’s magazines. I handed both boys a pencil and told them every time the found an “a” to circle it. Together they completed two pages with A pointing them out and M circling them. I was going to ask them to help me count how many they had found, but by that time they really were ready to move on.


If you are going to find letters anywhere it’s in books! Read alouds are also a great way for children to hear those phonetic sounds in action. As I read I followed along with my finger, emphasised all the “a” sounds we found whilst now and again getting the boys to repeat the words and sounds back to me. 

Click play to see some of the books we read this week:


In addition to books I chose one poem to share with the boys which we read a few times throughout the week. The poem we shared was The Letter A by Darren Sardelli.


This one was difficult! You all know how many alphabet videos there are available on Youtube and searching through the rotten apples to find the good ones was a challenge. In the end I came across one that took me back to my childhood and I figured that a good place to start was on Sesame Street!

Writing Practice

The final thing this week was writing practice. Both little’s coloured and traced the letters in various work books. Then M independently copied out the letter “a” and words beginning with “a” on his Alphabet Notebooking Pages . Since he also likes to use the laptop I let him type out the list of words on there too. 

We had lot’s of fun this exploring “a”  but it’s just the beginning.  I will be back to share with you our second week of Alphabet exploration – “All About B”.

Read more about creating your own Preschool Letter of the Week Curriculum and download your FREE Alphabet Flash Cards and Matching Game. 

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