All About c Letter of the Week Curriculum by One Hundred and One
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All About “C” Letter of The Week

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All About c Letter of the Week Curriculum by One Hundred and One


This was the third week of out DIY Letter of the Week Curriculum.  Actually we took a little over a week to complete our studies of the letter ‘c’ this week. We have been blessed with a lot of events, days out and visits with friends which meant we just didn’t have a lot of time at home. Inspired by All About Learning Press’s Craft Of the Week our Letter C week took on a Boat/Sea Theme!


Lower Case “c” Craft

Lower Case C Craft for Letter of The Week Curriculum. Inspired by All About Reading Press's Lower Case c Craft


This weeks lower case craft from All About Learning Press was “c is for Compass..”. Since boats are a big part of our lives, the boys tend to associate compasses with boats. We  have been using the compass with our children’s world map and on our virtual world tours too. The boys loved creating their own and it seemed only natural the rest of our activities should follow on with this theme too.


Letter of the week uppercase and lowercase c

We took a look at some ‘c’ words that we came across during out boat trips and virtual tours this week. Just like last week, I chose two words that began with c. Two words with c somewhere in the middle and two words with c at the end.

Beginning “c” Middle “c” End “c”
cabin scuba electric
captain deck arctic




Photos of things containing the letter c on a boat.

Whilst we were on the boat this week I had planned for the boys to help me go on a hunt around the boat for objects that contained the letter ‘c’ in their name but they were so busy having fun that I decided to complete the hunt on my own. I went round the boat and snapped a few pictures for us to look at together when we returned home.

As we all looked through the pictures together I would have A tell us what they were and I would emphasise the c sounds as I repeated them back to him.

I wrote out the names of the objects on post it notes and stuck them to M’s Notebooking Page for the letter c.  M traced over them and then practised writing lower case and upper case C’s on the guidelines.



This weeks family read aloud: The Journals of Captain Cook

This weeks family read aloud were the Journals of Captain Cook! This came about after having re-read Mr. Poppers Penguins for the 3rd time this year. For those of you who haven’t read it yet Mr. Popper names his very first penguin Captain Cook after the famous explorer. When M enquired further about who Captain Cook was and why he was called “an explorer” I decided to look for a book we could read together. I came across these shortened versions of his journals which tied in perfectly with our compass theme.

Not only did we point out those wonderful ‘c’ sounds and look for more within the pages of the book we also practised drawing, marking and reading our compasses, using the examples of wind direction given in the journals.

Marking out the wind direction of Captain Cooks Voyage as part of our letter of the week curriculum


They of course weren’t very accurate but M got to grips with using a ruler to draw lines and began to understand the concept of North, South, East and West.

We also used the maps at the beginning of the books to look at where Captain Cook had travelled and marked it out on our children’s wall map.


This was perhaps the most fun activity of them all! One evening this week when the boys were bored and not quite ready to settle for bed I decided we should have a family game hour. I pulled out the board and we took it turns drawing a picture of anything we could think of beginning with C. The other family member each took it in turns to guess what they were drawing. Then I would write out the word for them and underline the letter c. Car, castle, cake and candle were just a few of the things we came up with.


Classical Music

Honestly, things this week just seemed to fall into place. As we continued on through our Romantic Era Music Curriculum from SQUILT we started on lesson 3: Minute Waltz by Fredric Chopin. This gave us the chance to not only note the c’s with A in the words ‘composer’, ‘music’, ‘Fredric’ and ‘classical’ but it also meant I could spend some time discussing the phonetic sound of the ‘ch’ in Chopin with M. In fact there is even a part of this lesson which includes a video containing an example of how to pronounce the composer’s name.


This weeks letter studies were a little unusual and very little planning went into them. Despite this, I am extremely happy with the outcome and honestly I think it helped keep things interesting. Not only for the children but for me too. Remember when you are creating your own Letter of the Week Curriculum get creative, follow your children’s interests and look for the opportunities that appear naturally every single day!


If you missed last weeks post you can read all about our Letter ‘b’ week here.

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