All about d letter of the week. DIY curriculum by
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All About “d” – The Letter of the Week Curriculum

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All about d letter of the week. DIY curriculum by

This is the fourth week of our DIY Letter of the week curriculum. Here’s what we have been up to!


All About “d”



upper case and lower case d for letter of the week curriculum


This week I started by asking the boys to come up with all the words they could think of beginning and ending with  ‘d’. Then over the course of the week, I picked out some words from books we were enjoying this week, that contained the letter d somewhere in the middle. There a few examples in the table below.


Beginning “d” Middle “d” End “d”
dog diplodocus drained
dinosaur Adika changed



This month I have been trying to add more structure to our previously unstructured homeschool days! Since we do most of our outings or visits with friends in the late afternoons, I thought it would be best to make sure we dedicate our mornings to learning.

To start us off, this week we built into our routine a little writing time at the table after breakfast. I chose writing because I wanted a way to mark the start of our learning hours with a calm focused activity that M always enjoys.

So each morning we pull out his Notebooking folder and choose a sheet for our letter of the week. We also have a simple notepad for some copy work. This weeks copy work were all letter d words! Practising consistently each day is definitely paying off for M; I have noticed a marked improvement in M’s writing and his ability to stay between and on the lines over the past 7 days.

Focusing on our letter of the week is also helping A, who likes to join in with morning copy work. Although he is not yet capable of writing letters (other than o) I write the letters out for him. Then we name them and say the sounds aloud together and sing silly songs with the d sound.  Then I let him go to town with the pencils and pens doodling in the space below.

Over Coming Letter Reversals

When we first began working on lower case d’s M had a habit of writing them the wrong way round. He knew that they didn’t look right and would attempt to correct them himself. M’s problem seemed to stem from the fact he would draw the circular portion clockwise rather than anti-clock wise. I used some of the tips from an e-book called “How to Solve Letter Reversals” and found ‘air writing’ and picturing the ‘door knob’ worked wonders for M. I found this book on the All About Reading Press website, whilst for the millionth time oogling over their amazing Pre-reading program and entering their monthly giveaway!


$100 Gift Certificate Giveaways


Lower case d Craft

This weeks lower case letter craft from the 26 week series was “‘d’ is for doughnut”. Honestly, this craft did look good but I had another idea in mind that I wanted to try out instead: The “Immense Diplodocus” dinosaur!


Homeschool Letter of The Week DIY Curriculum. Lower Case dinosaur craft.


A didn’t seem to want to take part in crafts this week but M and I had great fun making ours whilst A spent a lot of time mixing colours and washing brushes in the water! I guess we will see if he joins in next week!


Road Trip Letter Hunt

This week we had a little road trip to Cairo a 6 hours in the car each way! The children slept through most of it but whilst awake we entertained ourselves by seeing who could spot the letter ‘d’s on the shop, hotels and road signs the quickest! A was some what unbelieveably fast at this and even when we had all forgotten we were playing he would suddenly point and shout out “deeeeeeee”!



Finally, no letter of the week is complete with out my trusty old friends; the books! There was a bit of a Margaret Mayo theme going on this week!


Dinosaur book for d letter of the week.

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp! (On the Go)


Letter of the week books for d

Dig Dig Digging!

Letter d books for a letter of the week curriculum - good for words ending in d

Giraffes Can’t Dance

This one is great for highlighting those ‘d’ sounds at the end of words.


This weeks theme tune was “Hey Diddle Diddle”! I let the boy’s watch  this video version on Youtube to learn the lyrics. We must of sung this song a hundred times over when we were doing family work like hanging the washing out or tidying up together.

That is all for this week!

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