All About e Letter of the week Homeschool curriculum from
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All About ‘e’: Letter of The Week Curriculum

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All About e Letter of the week Homeschool curriculum from


This is week 5 of our DIY Letter of the Week Curriculum! From copy work to singing songs there are so many different ways you can choose to explore a single letter of the alphabet. Here are the activities we chose this week!


All About “e”


Upper case and lower case stripey E. Long Vowel and Short Vowel Sounds


This week we covered the the letter ‘e’ in both it’s lower case and upper case form. Since this weeks letter is a vowel we took some time to explore both the long and short vowel sounds; just like we did in week 1 for the letter ‘a’.

Short “e” Examples Long “e” Examples
eggs eat
elephant ear
enter east


We spent quite a lot of time this week at random trying to identify whether a word containing the letter e was a short vowel sound or a long vowel sound. I wrote some words out on different sheets of paper and had the boys sort them into the correct piles.

Lower Case “e” Craft

This week we returned to adapting the Lower Case Letter Crafts from All About Learning Press.

I loved this weeks craft simply because it was so simple and it didn’t require a lot of prep! It also enabled M to practice cutting zig-zag lines for the broken eggs which was an added bonus.


lower case e homeschool craft


Dot-to-Dot Lower Case ‘e’

I added this little hand drawn addition to our morning lower case e copy work one morning this week too.

After M had completed his letter ‘e’ notebooking page he set to work on this Dot-to-dot. Mathematics, tracing and letter learning all in one activity! Simple and effective!


Hand Drawn Homeschool Worksheet. Dot-to-dot


Nursery Rhymes and Letter ‘e’ Search

At the beginning of the year my grandmother gave the boys some wonderful workbooks. This week was the first time we got round to using the First Words workbook from Lett’s.  I opened it up to look for an ‘e’ words activity but I was unable to find one. Not to fear! I did come across the popular rhyme of Old MacDonald written down and quickly noticed how many upper case and lower case e’s there were.

So after singing through the nursery rhyme several times M and A worked together to find and circle all of the ‘e’s!


Lett's first words workbook being completed by M


Creating Sentences

Using some of the sight words the boys now know, I wrote up a few sentences for them to try to read out loud.  I underlined all of the ‘e’ sounds so that they could see them as they read. If you have a child who is not yet reading, simply reading aloud sentences that are packed with the letter e and emphasising the sounds is great way of reinforcing what they are already learning.


letter e sentences writte on whiteboard as part of our homeschool curriculum



This week I discovered that our library didn’t contain many books that I would consider ‘letter e’ books. We simply read aloud and pointed them out in some of our favourite books this week.

The one we did have was  Emergency by Margaret Mayo and we did stop to focus on the e poem in Dr. Seuss’s ABC book! 

That is all for this week!


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