All About b. Part of our DIY Preschool/Kindergarten Letter of The Week Curriculum. One Hundred and One Pursuits.
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All About “b” – Letter of The Week Curriculum

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All About B DIY PreK/Kindergarten Letter of The Week Curriculum. One Hundred and One Pursuits. Our Homeschool Journey

This was our second week of our Letter of The Week Curriculum. So this week is all about “b”. If you are just starting out with your own letter of the week studies you can read what we did in week 1 in my All About “a” post!

All About “b”

Upper Case and Lower Case B. All About B Homeschool Reception - Letter of The Week.

Just as I did for the letter “a”, I started by asking M and A if they could tell me what this letter was and what sound it makes. They knew straight away. It is clear they both already know their alphabet letters, can identify them and know a lot of their phonetic sounds already. Part of me has been wandering do we really need to do this letter of the week thing? Aren’t I just covering what they already know?x

In some respects yes. Yet it will be a useful study to see if there are any letters or sounds they might not be so hot on. It  doesn’t hurt to review what they know and make sure they have a solid foundation.  M and A both really enjoy our letter of the week activities  and are still learning other things along the way. So for this reason we will continue.


B is a consonant that has only one sound, so it’s an easy one to remember and to teach. I took a look with the littles at words that had the letter “b” at the beginning, middle and end instead.

Beginning “b”Middle “b”End “b”

Lower Case “b” Craft

Just like our craft in week 1, our craft his week was taken from All About Learning Press 26 Week of Lower Case Crafts. We improvised with the materials we had to hand and although the bat in their craft was black, M insisted that “bat’s are not black. They are brown.” So we ended up with brown bats instead which honestly worked out well as we were all out of black paints! 

Preschool Lower Case b Craft Adapted from All About Reading Press Lower Case Crafts

Music Time

 Orchestra Flash Cards from SQUILT

Aside from our letter of the week curriculum we have also been doing some music appreciation studies this week. We finally got round to using the SQUILT orchestra flash cards we purchased from Homegrown Learners. I’ll be doing a full review on these soon as they are amazing! The boys love these cards.

We started by looking at the string instruments as M wants to learn the violin but to stick with our “b” theme this week, we took a look a deeper look at the brass section of the orchestra. Using the online resource centre, we watched and listened to the videos provided with the flash cards and I read aloud the information about all the brass instruments. I put a little more emphasis on the Trombone as it was the only brass instrument we covered with a “b” in it’s name!

We also added some little songs that we sang through out the week these included:

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (Verse 1 and Chorus only)
  • Hush Little Baby
  • Rock-a-bye Baby

Colours Beginning with “b”

Since there are quite a few colours beginning with “b” and some of them being quite unusual, we spent a little bit of time exploring and I dentifying colours that began with “b” everywhere we went. It was a fun game and helped to distract the boys from arguing with one another a few times this week.

“b” colours we explored were: Blue, Brass, Burgandy, Bronze, Black, Brown and Beige.

Letter Search

Letter B Search for our Homeschool Letter of the Week Curriculum,

In a mad moment to find an activity to keep the boys occupied whilst I got some work done I quickly drew out a letter search for them to complete. M got this concept a little better than A who just wanted to colour in all of the squares instead!

Games and Activities

This week we even added in some fun games and activities that began with B. I emphasised the words and letter every time we spoke about or played these games. 

  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Bouncing Balls
  • Basket Ball
  • Bouncing on the Bed
  • Bumper cars (yes, real ones at the shopping centre)
  • Bubbles in the Bath
  • Balancing Books

We even Built a Bookcase!


Which brings me back nicely to my favourite topic; books!!

B books we read this week included:

Meet The Alphablocks App

This week I downloaded a few Alphabet and sight word apps to my phone. One of the app’s is called Meet The Alphablocks from the popular kid’s tv show. 
Each letter block has a theme and a little song to go with it that emphasises the phonetic sounds. A and M love singing these and the “b” block with it’s “Buh,buh,buh,buh,buh. B is a band with a big blue bass.” ditty, is their favourite.

The Final Touches

As I will do for every letter, during the week M has been practising writing his b’s on his Notebooking Pages and his white board. A tries too, but his fine motor skills are not quite there yet and he has no interest in tracing letters at the moment. When A begins to show more interest in writing, then I will look at adding some writing activities in for him too.

If you missed last weeks post don’t forget to read All About A.

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All About "a" - Letter Of The Week Curriculum

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