All about f. Week 6 of our DIY letter of the week curriculum.
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All About ‘f’ – Letter of The Week Curriculum {+ A Very Special Free ebook}

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All about f. Week 6 of our DIY letter of the week curriculum.

If you could look at what I had planned for this week and realised that we only done about 10% of it, you’d probably be thinking that it was a big fat fail! Thankfully that is very far from the truth! What happened this week instead turned out to be a diamond in the rough and M couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

Our week began with the usual. A close look at the letter f and a letter craft! So let’s take a quick look at those first.

All About ‘f’

These are the 6 words I wrote down for the boys to underline the f’s and to speak out loud.

Beginning “f” Middle “f” End “f”
fish different puff
fast daft stiff

Letter ‘f’ Craft

So here came my first mini homeschool mum fail of the week!

One morning I was getting all prepped for a letter of the week craft inspired by this one from All About Learning Press. When I went to the cupboard and realised that I never did make it to the stationary shop to restock our craft supplies! Very little paint left and no coloured card! Oops. so we had to resort to using colouring pens!

It was fine the boys enjoyed the craft never the less but they didn’t come out with quite the same effect as our previous ones!

Letter f flower craft

The New Car Park

I had planned over the remaining days of the week to continue with the letter f tracing for A and f Notebooking Pages for M. I had worked out some letter learning ball games and I was even going to try setting up a fly swat letter search. Turned out when a new toy entered the house and all was forgotten!

M and A's new toy garage!

We came across this ELC toy car park at a local second hand market. The boy’s were obsessed with it. When it finally made it’s way into the house the boys wanted to do nothing else! They played with that garage whenever we were at home. They were not in slightest bit interested in any of the activities I had arranged. I needed a plan b!

Dragged into their play, I was listening to M, the instructions he was giving to his brother and the little stories he was coming up with. I realised there were actually a lot letter f words associated with the garage! So I gave the boys the challenge of driving the cars through the car park to find all the things they could that contained the letter f in their names.

  • First Floor
  • Ground Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Lift
  • Fuel station

Then as they played more related words and phrases emerged:

  • Fast
  • Fill up
  • Full tank
  • Fuel tank
  • Formula 1 racing

Getting M to Practice Writing

As I listened to M telling more and more stories with his cars as he played, I leaned over and said “why don’t we write it down?”.

I helped him first practice copying out the f words. I had planned to help him write out the story as he dictated it to me. Once again M had other plans. He asked if he could type it up on the laptop! Taken over by his enthusiasm for this little project I couldn’t resist and that’s exactly what we did.

Typing it up!

I wrote the story out on paper and let M copy it out on to the laptop. He is getting really good at this now.

It took him a couple of hours to complete and he was so proud of his work!

M insisted his story needed some pictures. He took over 70 pictures on my phone. We went through them together, and A helped his brother chose the ones he wanted to use.

Well the final results were pretty cool and M had a lot of fun sharing the story with his friends. He asked if we could share it on the website too!

I really hesitated at this but when I saw his excitement and enthusiasm for story telling, the amount of learning that came from this little project of his and the amount of hours he volunteered to do it, I could hardly say no!

So, if you’d like to help encourage M to continue writing and share his little tale with your children, you can download M’s ‘Fast Car!’ letter ‘f’ ebook below!

I know M would be so excited if just a handful of people got to read it and if you have the time please send him an email and let him know what you thought.

Thank you!

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