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Affiliate Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via one of these links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I love and use all of the books, products and resources I recommend to my readers and simply want to share them with you to give you a helping hand in your homeschool journey.

Books we love in our homeschool

The Books We Love and Enjoy The Most

From the moment M entered this world we have read together every single day. Over the past four years our family must have read hundreds of books. I haven’t kept a written record of all the books we have discovered, but the ones we loved the most have always ended up on our bookshelves or in our Kindle Library. There they remain for us to enjoy, over and over again!

I am forever encouraging you to spend more time enjoying books with your children. I am also a huge advocate of learning through literature and book based activities or studies. So I thought it was about time that I compiled a list of our all time favourites.

This will be an on going work and I promise every time I find a new gem, I’ll be sure to add it!

Use this list to inspire you! Whenever you are looking to update your bookshelves or introduced some popular classics to your kids let this list be a point of reference. 

All of the books here make fantastic read alouds and most of the chapter books can be enjoyed by children of all ages. In fact I guarantee when it comes to the classics, you’ll probably find you enjoy them and get as much value from them as your children do!

I’ll also be adding a list for us adults too! After all there is nothing that will leave you more inspired to lead out in your families education, than a good book by a passionate author!

So, let’s Begin…

Chapter Books & Short Classics Collections

Illustrted Aesops FablesMR. Poppers PenguinsThe Little Prince

Picture Books 

Books For Homeschool Parents

Teaching From Rest. A Great book for any homeschool parent.Perfect Book For any Homeschooling Mum or Parent : Gift From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh



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