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Charlotte’s Web: 8 Homeschool Activity Ideas

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Charlotte's Web | Enjoy reading a classic children's book aloud to your children and use these 8  activity ideas to aid learning through literature in your homeschool!

This month we finished our first read through of Charlotte’s Web!  Talk about a classic! If you are looking for a story to introduce your children to chapter books, I highly recommend this illustrated version of Charlotte’s Web. The chapters are short, the story pulls on every heart string, M and A liked the pictures and there were so many little rabbit trails to follow! We didn’t manage to explore all of the learning leads but I sure am looking forward to reading it again in the future.

Inspired by this amazing children’s classic, let me share with you some  activities that were sprinkled throughout our homeschool this month!

1. Spider Art’s and Crafts

 After our first read aloud session of Charlotte’s Web, I decided to encourage the boys to have a go at drawing their own spider webs.  This simple “How to Draw a Spiders Web video is fab and easy for children to follow along with!

Another craft that popped up was prompted by M! He decided he wanted a toy spider of his own and completed his first  sewing project using some scraps of material, yarn and snappers!

2. Home Made Candied Apples

Do you have a child who isn’t a fan of fruit but loves all things sweet or chocolatey? Me too!

In Chapter 17, the Arable and Zuckerman families take a trip to the fair ground. After a few hours of exploring by themselves the children return. Avery has “…a balloon tied to his ear and is chewing a candied apple.”
This scene presents the perfect opportunity to get into the kitchen and introduce some literature inspired life skills! Why not have ago at making your own candied apples?

At the time we only had one apple in the fridge. I decided we would slice it, melt some chocolate, dip the slices in and cover them in sprinkles! I am sure that’s nothing like the type of candied apples you get at a fair but they were yummy.

If you’d like to throw in some Math’s too why not follow a recipe or demonstrate fractions as you slice!

3. A Study of Animal Eggs!

Throughout the story their are several mentions of eggs! There are the 7 Goslings that hatch from their eggs, a rotten egg explosion and of course Charlotte’s spider eggs sac!

Why not try to explore the differences between birds eggs? Look online for some pictures, videos or borrow a book from the library. This book would make the perfect companion for a birds egg study! 

4. Construct your Own Bridge

Charlotte’s wisdom in chapter 9 leads to a discussion about the poor attempts of humans to construct web like structures. She draws a comparison between the spiders ability to construct the perfect web and the peoples construction of the Queens Borough Bridge. 

So let’s do a little geography! Where is the Queens Borough Bridge? Look it up on a map! What does it look like? How was it constructed? What is it made out of? Why did Charlotte draw that comparison? 

Use materials from around the home and help your child construct their own bridge? If they are feeling really ambitious they may even try to reconstruct the Queens Borough Bridge!

5. Charlotte’s Web Inspired Copywork

Throughout the story Charlotte is attempting to save Wilbur’s life by writing words in her web! She sends the rat, Templeton, to search for new words and on one occasion he brings back a newspaper clipping. Charlotte finds and copies a word; working hard to carefully weave it into her web!

So although your child probably won’t be weaving words into a spiders web anytime in the near future, you probably have notebook and pencil to hand that they could use! Grab hold of an old newspaper or magazine and let them pick a few words to copy out! 

6. What is Fog?

It’s time for a discussion on weather! What is fog? 
We took a look at these:

You might also like to take a look at this what is weather resource from the UK’s BBC!

7. Latin Vocabulary Fun

During Wilbur’s examination of her egg sacs, Charlotte say’s it is her “magnum opus”. In Latin, ‘magnum opus’ means great work! Now anytime one of us does a good job we follow up with this phrase.

We looked up a few other fun Latin phrases to use too! I liked this list from A favourite round here is ‘Carpe Diem’; seize the day!

8. How many goslings are missing?

If your looking for some opportunities to explore early Math’s with your Kindergartner, illustrated books are the perfect tool! 

In the chapter “A Meeting” there is a nice illustration of the Animals and Fern all gathered round. Pictured in it are two goslings. We know there were 7 goslings in total so how many are missing?

*note this is the illustrated version of Charlotte’s Web that we have been reading*

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