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Family Yoga: The Perfect Kick Start to Your Homeschool Day

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Family Yoga. The Perfect Way to Kick Start Your Day Blog Post by One Hundred and One

Have you ever considered adding a daily dose of yoga to your family routine?

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise. It has benefits for many different areas of physical fitness for adults and physical development for even the youngest children. Yoga has positive effects on emotional health too. Doing a short daily yoga session together as a family; using it to kick start your day, can have far reaching effects. It’s an opportunity for bonding, regrouping and centring everyone, before the welcomed chaos of family life begins each day.

Falling in Love with Yoga

When M was about two years old, we joined some friends in attending a weekly mother and baby yoga class. I hadn’t done any form of yoga prior to this. It took me back to my fun filled college days, which included daily dance and Pilates Classes. Yoga sessions were something M looked forward to each week. It was a perfect activity for mother and son bonding but it also felt like I was giving something back to myself.

As a stay at home mum this weekly dose of calming exercise was refreshing. I always left those classes feeling refuelled, even minded and more capable of taking on the challenges that all parents face when caring for a toddler.

When we travelled back to stay in the UK for 2 years one of the things I missed about being in Egypt was attending yoga. Unfortunately, there weren’t any classes that were easily accessible for us and I was desperate to find that sense of calm once more.

Discovering Cosmic Kids Yoga

A friend of mine recommended looking for videos that we could follow along with on YouTube. Shortly after, I stumbled upon an amazing kid’s yoga video by Jamie at

It was called Arnold the Ant. We immediately set to giving it a go and from that moment on M and I were hooked. We spent at least 1.5  hours doing yoga together that day. Every morning after that when M woke up it was the first thing he would ask for and if M was ever feeling a little bored we hopped straight online, chose a new video and got our yoga on!

The Benefits of A Daily Dose of Yoga for Kids

After several weeks of using these videos almost every single day, I noticed a huge difference in M’s behaviour. On days when we were restricted on the amount of time we could spend outside, M went from being extremely hyperactive, stubborn and literally climbing the walls, to being calmer and more co-operative than ever before.  He still had a lot of energy to give; what 2-year-old doesn’t? Yet, the ways in which he chose to use that energy, were far more productive, fun and less challenging for me to deal with as a parent.

Cosmic Kids not only gave him physical exercise and an energy out let; it also helped to increase his spatial awareness. M was known to be forever bumping into things. Yoga helped to improve his co-ordination and directly after a session brought about him an aura of calm and gentle being.

Each of the cosmic yoga videos has a theme; a central story which is perfect for book lovers like us! Many of the videos are based on some of today’s most popular children’s books. This makes it a great extension to some of our deeper explorations and studies of the kid’s favourite read aloud stories.


These videos are a saviour; helping busy mums get household tasks completed. We all have those days when the house is a mess, friends will be arriving within the hour and you really need to get on top of it all before they arrive. The problem is the kids are full of energy, are looking for something to do and making more mess than you can contain. Kid’s yoga videos could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

On days such as these I admit I reach for the laptop. Together the boys will both happily follow along with an episode or two leaving me to finish up what I need to get done.

The final bonus of course is that the videos are completely free. If you are like me however, and like hard copies you can also purchase Cosmic Kid’s Yoga DVD’s here.

Start Your Day Off on The Right Foot

Now that we have returned to Egypt we don’t find as much time to do yoga together as we once did. When we do kick off our morning with a short yoga session, we always seem to have a calmer, happier and more productive day. I have also found that a yoga session before we sit down to do a homeschool project or read aloud, results in improvements in the children’s concentration and focus levels.

You can read more about the benefits of kid’s yoga here.

If your family needs an extra daily dose of physical exercise, an additional indoor activity or something to help bring more calm into your home, yoga should be on your to do list! Especially if you already love yoga and want to share it with your little ones too! Every stay at home parent should try adding a little daily dose of family yoga into their home!

Are you ready to give it go?




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