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Start Living The Homeschool Dream and Take Back Control of Your child’s Education!

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Take Back Control Of Your Childs Education | Live The Homeschool Dream | Do you have a vision of the perfect education model to fit your family? Does the way in which your homeschooling currently reflect the educational philosophy that you chose? Sometimes it's hard not to give in to the pressure and judgement of others when it comes to education but it's time to get confident and start schooling in the way you know is best for your child! #livingthedream #onehundredandonepursuits #homeschooling #homeeducation #homeschoolparenttips #homeed #encouragement #parentadvice #homeschooltips #alternativeeducation

It’s time for you to take control, take down the barriers and start living the homeschool dream!

By that I mean for you to start organising your homeschool and educating your children in the way YOU want to! Stop letting the curriculum, workbooks and expectations of yourself and others stand in the way!

If strict schedules and recreating the current public-school system in your home was your vision of the ideal homeschool, then this post most certainly isn’t for you! For those of you who are more like me, who dreamed of something different for your children. An education that brought the very best out of them. One that was tailored to suit their needs and one that looked a little different from mainstream schooling, then keep reading because I am talking directly to you!

My Homeschool Dream 

When I really began to plan our families homeschool, I envisioned a place where my children would spend more time doing, researching and reading about all the things they loved. I saw them finding their own unique specialities and interests.

When I discovered child led learning and TJed simultaneously, I had this vision of allowing my children to guide their own learning whilst keeping great books, at the core of our homeschool! I just didn’t quite have the confidence to pull it all together how I had imagined.

Loosing Sight of The Homeschool Dream

Over time I started hearing all these concerns from other parents about learning to read, early writing skills, crafts, projects, unit studies- the full works. I’d even compare M’s learning to the children of families we know, who have chosen to send their children to school. I found myself looking at their schedules, text books, worksheets and left me feeling anxious. Eventually I took those concerns on board myself, and before I knew it, I was getting lost in a wealth of things that I never envisioned for my children’s education. I was questioning my philosophy and getting close and closer to recreating the public-school system in my home! I didn’t like it at all! Changes had to be made to bring us back to where I knew we needed to be! That’s when I decided to re-evaluate our homeschool for the winter!

Is any of that sounding familiar?

Does your homeschool look the way you’d like it too?

What did you envision your homeschool would look like when you first started? Are your days, activities and schedule matching up with the educational philosophy you have in mind?

I know that every body’s vision of what homeschooling should be like is slightly different and that’s a great thing. All children and families are unique! Although there are some scientific consistencies in the way people learn, there are also a lot of differences too. Equally there are many different successful approaches to teaching.

However, for our children to thrive in the way we are planning for them to whilst learning at home, we need to be clear and confident in our approach. It’s okay to make changes and to adapt but at the root of our adaptations there should be a clear vision of our main aims.

How can you create a vision of your dream homechool?

  • Ask yourself why you are homeschooling your children?
  • What do you want for them once their foundational education is complete and they take their learning entirely into their own hands as adults?
  • What is it that you want to provide that the education system isn’t?
  • How will you provide that?
  • Research different methods, approaches, educational philosophies and child development.
  • Figure out which methods and approaches align best with what you are trying to achieve.
  • Build your own opinions and beliefs around education from your personal ‘why’ and the research you’ve done.
  • Bring in your partner and the children for their input too! Every member of the family has an opinion that counts!

Once you have that vision of your homeschool dream, it’s time to start protecting it!

Be sure to write down your vision and refer to it regularly!  

See if what you are currently doing is getting you closer or further away from your family’s educational goals!

Be prepared for questions and concerns from well-meaning individuals!

If you have done your research well and spent time tailoring your educational plan to your children’s, needs you can trust the decisions you make! You don’t allow others to put you off, deter you or even distract you from  doing what you know is best, even if it is unconventional!

Check in one-one with your children every couple of weeks.

Make a little meeting with each child and just discuss their learning goals, interests and plans for the next couple of weeks. What’s working? What’s not? Keep in mind your homeschool dreams, as you discuss your child’s progress and potential areas of study for the weeks to come.

 Re-evaluate your homeschool vision every 6 months or so.

Is it still the same? Do you need to adapt your approach, have you changed your mind on anything? We are all human and sometimes circumstances change, and new information alters our opinions. A benefit of homeschooling, is the flexibility we have to make choices about our children’s education. We also have the freedom to adapt when things aren’t working! However we must be sure that when we adapt we are taking our homeschool dream into account. You don’t want to end up making changes that you will regret later down the line!

Stop comparing your child’s work, progress and daily activities to those of others.

What works for one family may not work for yours. What works in a public-school setting may not work at home! Feel free to experiment but ultimately be confident. You can feel certain that you have created a homeschool plan that is giving your children the best foundation for adulthood.

Finally, take control of your homeschool!

Rules for educating your children at home are different all around the world. You may have reports to make, a national curriculum you must follow or tests your child must take. Although it may be difficult to feel like you are still in control with these restrictions in place, there are ways to follow an unconventional approach to schooling, whilst still being able to tick all of the boxes. Don’t let the opinions of others, or your own anxieties, stop you from giving your children the education you envisioned for them.

Be confident, stand firm, take control and start living your homeschool dream!

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