Homeschool Mum Takeaway series | Join us for 7 days of mistakes made and lessons learnt, told by other homeschool mums! Let's come together and celebrate our mistakes and better ourselves to provide our children with a great education! #homeschooling #homeschoolmum #homeeducation #homeschooltips #homeschoolparents #homeschoolencouragement #homeschoolbloggers #homeschoolseries #takeaways #alternativeeducation #childlededucation
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Homeschool Mum Takeaways – It’s The Mistakes That Help Us Grow!

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Homeschool Mum Takeaway series | Join us for 7 days of mistakes made and lessons learnt, told by other homeschool mums! Let's come together and celebrate our mistakes and better ourselves to provide our children with a great education! #homeschooling #homeschoolmum #homeeducation #homeschooltips #homeschoolparents #homeschoolencouragement #homeschoolbloggers #homeschoolseries #takeaways #alternativeeducation #childlededucation

I am really excited to share with you the up and coming “Homeschool Mum Takeaways” blogger series!

Starting on the the 21st of January 2019, for 7 Days, 7 homeschool mums will take it in turns to tell us about some of
the biggest lessons they’ve taken away from the mistakes they have made over the years!

Being a Homeschool Mum is A Learning Journey Too!

One thing that just sort of crept up on me, was the giant learning curve that I am going through every step of the way on my family’s educational journey. We all put hours of research into homeschool methods, child development and the best resources available. Yet on occasions, despite our efforts to plan everything in advance, some how things still go wrong.

The Mistakes!

Some resources that we may think are amazing our children don’t gel with at all. Sometimes we stick rigidly to a method because we sure it will work eventually, only to discover that it’s really never going to work for our family. I know parents that have struggled with over scheduling and under scheduling; finally learning how to find sort of some balance in between.

And then there are the daily mistakes. Not having the right craft materials to hand. Miscalculating just how much time you need to carve out of your day for particular activities or even that science project gone wrong that took and hour+ to clean up!

You Are Not Alone!

Every single homeschool mum makes mistakes and when we compare our own set ups to those picture perfect images of other families, it’s easy to beat ourselves up over it.

Every homeschool blogger (in fact every homeschool mom you’ll ever meet) will attest to the fact that they have made their own little list of mistakes! Sometimes they share them publicly. Sometimes they don’t. But I can assure you, they most certainly have happened.

The Best Thing About Mistakes?

You know what, there is one amazing thing that happens when we make a mistake. An opportunity is born. An opportunity to celebrate!

From every mistake there is a lesson to be learned. It’s those lessons that help us navigate this homeschooling journey and give us the knowledge we require to “get it right next time”.

I want you to know that mistakes happen. We all make them. Every homeschool mum gets things wrong sometimes. Let’s take a moment to celebrate each other mistakes for the lessons that they teach us all. Let’s share them with each other and takeaway with us as much as we can. We can all use each homeschool mums experience, to better our children’s education!

The Homeschool Mum’s That Are Ready to Share!

I’ve decided to share one of the lessons I took away from mistakes I made last year with my children. I also wanted to find some other homeschool mum’s, who would be willing to share one of theirs too! So I put my feelers out into bloggersphere and gathered 6 amazing homeschool parents that each have their own unique experiences to share with you!

Here they are:

Jennifer Elia of Aurelius Cabrini Homeschool Resource Centre

Jennifer Elia from Aurelius Cabrini Homeschool Resource Centre 

Nicki Truesdell – Writer, Blogger, Speaker and Homeschool parent!

Bekah Morel from Mason a la Maison – Living A Charlotte Mason Inspired Life in France

Amanda Stockdale of Sicily's Heart and Home

Amanda Stockdale from Sicily’s Heart and Home – Learning Through Experience

Teresa Wiedrick from Capturing the Charmed Life

Christel Brewer

Christel Brewer from Perfectly Blended and Blessed

If you’d like to hear what these amazing homeschool mums have to share stay tuned! To be notified when each post goes live, don’t forget to sign up below.

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