summer maybe over but learning by the beach is not.
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Summer May be Over but Beach Learning is Not!

Summer May Be Over But Learning The Beach is Not!  One Hundred and One Pursuits homeschools by the beach.

Do you manage to take your Homeschooled children to the beach regularly? Did you know that our child can be learning in abundance whilst they explore by the sea?

We do and it is so much fun! This year we have had the luxury of spending many of our Homeschool days at the beach. ‘I have been blown away by the amount of learning that can occur there. Be it planned or unplanned; there is a wealth of information to absorb.

We have explored Geology, Science, Mathematics, Art, Writing and a bunch of other topics too. Let’s not forget the sandy shores are a perfect environment for our children to use and develop those  Early Years Core Skills!

You can make your homeschool subjects come alive by the beach! The choice of topics to explore are pretty amazing and best of all they require very few resources. 

Get your beach bag prepped, grab a rocks and minerals guide and take your family down to the sea for a day of educational fun that you will all enjoy! 

Want to know more out more about homeschooling on the beach?

Come on over to The Barefoot Mom to hear more about our days at the beach and make your sea side days out, into fun learning experiences all year round. Summer may be coming to an end but learning by the beach is here to stay!

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