Preschool Letter of The Week

Preschool Letter of The Week

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Preschool Letter of The Week


There are many ways you can explore letters with your preschooler but one popular method is a ‘Letter of The Week’ curriculum. My favourite Letter of The Week activity has to be crafts. They are a great way to help keep letter learning fun and engaging for your preschooler.

What is A Letter of The Week Curriculum?

The title says it all. Each week you choose ONE letter of the Alphabet to explore with your child. Starting with the letter A. Over the course of 26 weeks, you will make your way through the entire Alphabet; helping your child to recognise the letter, name it, sound it out and possibly even write it.


When you have chosen your letter for the week you can plan some daily activities. These may include:

  • Letter sound games
  • Word Games
  • Work books
  • Songs
  • Printable worksheets
  • Poetry
  • Finding objects that begin with that letter
  • Letter hunting in books
  • Letter hunting outdoors
  • Educational Videos
  • Letter crafts

You can also make a conscious effort to point out the letter every time you come across it. You can sound it out and emphasise it in your conversations with your child that week too. This will help to build that recognition and make connections between the sound, letter name and it’s uses. In addition, focusing on one letter a week will help to make sure your little one really knows that letter before you move on.

Why I Love Letter Crafts

Letter crafts are probably my preferred letter of the week activity. I think most preschoolers would be inclined to agree with me.

They are fun, prompt creativity, can make great wall art and stand as a reference point for revision as you go along. Most of all they require your child to be actively engaged with the letter but also with you. When a young child is doing something with you that they love they are more likely to listen and absorb what it is they are being taught.


… there is also another reason which is of 100% sentimental value only!

You see beyond the usual matching, shape sorters and other toys, one of the very first educational pursuits I went on with M was a letter of the week craft marathon. Honestly, he wasn’t developmentally ready for phonics or even naming letters; since he wasn’t speaking much at all. It did however, give me some structure and something fun to do with him each week.

M also learnt to identify quite a few of his letters this way. Although he couldn’t talk he could point to the letters he knew. Most of all we enjoyed spending this time with each other. I now have some wonderful first crafts to look back on as a result. In fact, discovering one of these crafts rolled up at the back of the cupboard prompted me to write this post.

This picture is of the very first Letter of The Week craft I did with M. It was of course the letter ‘A’ and I chose Apple Printing. It was great fun and super messy!

Letter of the week curriculum and crafts
A for Apple – Printing Craft by M

During this week M also coloured in a letter A, made a collage out of magazine letter A cut outs, put red stickers onto a hand drawn apple tree and I spent a lot of time pointing out words beginning with A during our story times!

There are many things that are quite hazy about my first two years of being a parent but for some reason the memory of the crafts and activities we done on this particular week have stuck with me!

A second round anyone?

Now it is A’s turn to ride the phonics train. Since he already knows a great deal of his letters and sounds I think it’s going to be extremely fun and interesting. Plus A is lucky; he has an older brother to help him out. I’ll be including M in our activities too. He still needs a little work with his phonics and it won’t hurt him to recap what he already knows. Plus he loves a good craft and it really is fun!

What I’ll Be Using

Aside from all the craft materials there are a couple of new resources I will be adding to our Letter of The Week studies this time round.

I’ll be using the wonderful Alphabet Copy Work Notebooking Pages from for creating cards, colouring in letters and writing them out.

And since the timing couldn’t get any better I’ll be following this 26 week lower case letter craft blog post series from All About Learning Press! I have been looking over the upper case craft posts from last year. They look easy to follow and fun, so I am really looking forward to the lower case crafts this year!

Another post you might want to check out from All About Learning Press is developing print awareness. This is one of the top 5 important skills your child will need to develop before being ready to learn to read.


Will you give a letter of the week curriculum ago?

At the very least make sure you fit in some of these fun crafts over the next 26 weeks!


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