The Picture Book That Brought Tears To My Eyes and Love Into Our Family Story Hour!

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Every couple of months, a friend and I do a children’s book swap! We each gather up 10 – 20 books to lend to each other for a few weeks! This time I received a picture book that every parent should read with their child at least once this Febuary! It’s called “I Love You Little Monster” and is written by Giles Andreae!

One of my boys all-time favourite picture books “Giraffes Can’t Dance” which is also written by the same author. So I had high hopes for this one and I wasn’t disappointed! I was however under prepared!

The Book That Brought Tears To My Eyes! Share it with your children this valentines! I love you little Moster

Have you ever told your child you’re just too busy?  Lost your patience with them? Or spent all day telling them not to do something? Have you got to the end of the day, put your children to bed and just wished that you’d made more time for them? Could you have spoken more kindly or just shown them and told them a 100x over, just how much you love them!

On some nights I bet you sit and talk to your child as they sleep and tell them everything that’s on your mind. You just wish they were awake to hear you!

Well it turns out monster parents do exactly the same!

The Picture Book That Brought Tears to My Eyes and Love To Story Time!

When I looked at the cover of, ‘I Love You Little Monster’ for the first time, I really had no idea it would affect me emotionally, in the way that it did. Sure, M and A both enjoy the story every time we read it. Afterwards they always ask “Am I your little monster?” However, the tears that pooled up in my eyes as I read this one for the first time, reflected the truth held in the pages of this extremely well thought out children’s book!

Through Big Monsters night time confessions and pep-talk with Little, I am being reminded of something important! I am remembering o make sure, no matter how busy our day is, we not only show our children how much they are loved but that we are telling them as often as we can!

When it comes to books, you know you’re on to a gooden when it touches both you and your children! This was certainly the case for ‘I Love You Little Monster!’

This February whilst others are preparing gifts for their significant others, give yourself and your children a gift! Read I Love You Little Monster and bring some love into your families story time!

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