March Mathness | Get the whole family exploring maths together throughout the month of March. Set some achievable learning goals for the whole famil. Here our our Math Goals for 2019! #marchmathness #kindergartenmath #prekmath #homeschoolmom #homeeduation #mathgames #onlinemathresoures #mathstories #hexaflexagons #exploremath #inspire

March Mathness 2019 – Setting Family Goals!

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March Mathness | Get the whole family exploring maths together throughout the month of March. Set some achievable learning goals for the whole famil. Here our our Math Goals for 2019! #marchmathness #kindergartenmath #prekmath #homeschoolmom #homeeduation #mathgames #onlinemathresoures #mathstories #hexaflexagons #exploremath #inspire

Last year was the first time we took part in March Mathness. For the entire month of March each year, many families and educators turn their attention to exploring Mathematics.

In 2018 we hopped on board and inspired by one of my all-time favourite books ‘Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe’, together we explored:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Learning how to use a compass
  •  Numbers in the real world
  • Made Hexaflexagons
  • Practiced knot tying
  • Made Hexagon Knot Bunnies and
  • M even learnt how to do basic calculations on a calculator
  • Explored weights and measurements through baking
  •  M learnt how to count in multiples of tens from a game on his Leap Pad.
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Setting Goals

We didn’t have any specific goals in mind last year. If I am honest, we didn’t even know about March Mathness until half way through the month and jumped aboard the train with great enthusiasm and very little aim, but we enjoyed learning together nonetheless.

This year a lot of educators and learners are already getting prepped in advanced. With just a few days to go I thought it would be nice to pull together a mini plan, sit together with the boys and set some goals for the month!

Leading Out!

We should always work to inspire our children to explore new topics rather than trying to force them upon them. How? By setting the example.

This year once again I will be once again digging out my favourite math books and sitting down to read. The history of famous Mathematians is one area I know very little about so my goal this month…

Study The Stories Of Some of The World’s Most Famous Mathematicians

  • Thales
  • Plato
  • Euclid
  • John Horton Conway

I am excited about exploring the last one. Conway being a more recent figure in Mathematical history and his contribution to the world of simulation games, could be certainly capture the boys attention.

The Children

Have you ever been driven to the brink of insanity by one question your child seems to ask numerous times a day? The latest in our house is “What’s the time?”

M began learning to tell the time last year when he received his first watch and he seemed to master the hours pretty quickly. His learning stopped when he lost interest in his watch. This week however the boys both received two new watches and once again their interest in learning to read them has exploded, along with the desire to know what the time is multiple times a day!

So March Mathness Goal Number 2….

Learning to Tell The Time

The other goals we have set for M and A for this coming month are based upon what they have already been working on in the area of maths. For A that’s continuing to work on being able to count to 20, recognise numbers 10 -20, subitizing and measuring out amounts.

M really enjoys numbers and has been working his way through to his next level of mastery over on Khan Academy. His main focus right now is learning to count to 100, basic addition, subtraction, subitizing and helping me to complete a little Super Hero Story Math’s book we’ve been working on creating together!

March Mathness Resources

If you are looking for some resources to join the March Mathness fun this month here are few resources that you might find useful:

Story time

Mathematiians Are People Tooo. Stories of real life mathematicians

Mathematicians are People Too

Life of Fred Apples KG Math Story Book and MAth Curriculum

Life Of Fred Apples

Sir Cumference Math Stories for Kids

Sir Cumfrence Books

If You Were Quadrilateral Amazon Affiliate link Math Book for Kids

If you were a Quadrilateral


Sum Swamp Math Board Game Perfect for Kindergarten. Aff link

Sum Swamp

Qwirckle Shapes Game Perfect for Kindergarten. Aff Link


Snakes and Ladders Classic Game Perfect for Math and counting for Kindergarten

Snakes and Ladders

Tell The Time Game by Orchard Toys.

Tell The Time

Lights Out

Online Resources

Khan Academy

CTC Math

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