The little Expolorers went to Luxor for 5 days and here is what they learnt!
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A Trip to Luxor – Learning on The Go!

It's time for the big reveal! This week over on our Facebook Page we played a little game of guess where we are! Well I'm sure the title of this post has given it a way! We took a short 5 day break to visit the beautiful land of Luxor! It was epic! The Purpose… Continue reading A Trip to Luxor – Learning on The Go!

Rabbit Trails - Life Is The Curriculum for homeschoolers
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Rabbit Trails – Life is the curriculum

Just like real life rabbit trails, educational trails are joined together in never ending circling paths; creating an information network through which we can journey with our homeschoolers. I first heard about following ‘rabbit trails’ in the context of using literature studies to inspire and direct learning in other subjects. Classic works are full of… Continue reading Rabbit Trails – Life is the curriculum