The #1 Thing I am Thankful For In Our Homeschool

The #1 thing I am Thankful for in our homeschool. Books!

What is the number one thing you are thankful for in your homeschool?

This month over on Minnesota Country Girl homeschool bloggers from all over the world have come together to each share the one thing they are most thankful for in their homeschool.

I have heard so many different things I have heard homeschoolers say they are thankful for:

  • More time with the children
  • Easy to Use Math Resources
  • Individualised Education
  • Notebooking Pages
  • Learning Along Our Side Children
  • Relaxed Mornings
  • No School Buses
  • Flexibility 
  • No Time Constraints
  • Teaching Children Through Travel

My personal number 1 thing I am grateful in our homeschool for is books!

Even more appropriately at this time of year, are those books that foster gratitude in our children!

Helping our children develop a habit of gratitude for all the gifts they have in life (big or small) can be fun. Books are my favourite tool to show and model to my children the benefits of living a thankful life. There are some amazing authors out there, who through their ability to bring characters to life and capture our children’s hearts, souls and minds, can teach our children about gratitude in a way that only great literature can!

That’s why my contribution to the Thankful for Homeschooling Series is “Thankful For The Books That Foster Gratitude in Our Children.”

So hop on over and take a look and whilst your there don’t forget to have a read of some of the other things homeshool families have to be grateful for.

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