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The Way To Be Happy Is To Be Good - A Magic Phrase For Parents To Remmeber

“The way to be happy is to be good.”

Laddie, a True Blue Story By Gene Stratton-Porter

This one little sentence has been bounding about my head ever since I first read it several months back. It has been a perfect reminder to me when my actions have been in conflict with my goals and aspirations. It has also been one of the most useful tools to in my imaginary parenting handbook.

One day little M strongly proclaimed “I’m really sad” after his Duplo creation fell to pieces as a result of refusing to place it aside whilst he got dressed.

“The way to be happy is to be good!”

That was the phrase that just calmly popped out of my mouth.

You could almost see the clogs turning as M thought this one through. He stood still and after a few moments proceeded to pick up the bricks placed them to one side. He put on his clothes and stood looking into the distance for a moment. Taking a deep breath he smiled and returned to rebuilding his fire engine.

Once he’d finished putting it back together he turned to me and said “Thank you mum.”

I am not entirely sure what he was thanking me for. Perhaps it was for helping him get dressed. Somehow, it felt as if he was thanking me for the little bit of wisdom that helped him overcome his problem with ease.That one sentence gave him the ability to recognise that his happiness was within is control.

This phrase has made a comeback many times since I first discovered it. Every time it has a similar effect. So if your looking for a new way to help your child take responsibility for their emotions, give this one simple sentence a try?

You maybe surprised at how effective it is!

Thank you Mrs Stratton-Porter!

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